6 June 1918

Thursday.  June 6th.  Was very cheered yesterday by one of our party getting a reply from his people in answer to a letter of his, written on April 7th; and I wrote myself on April 14th from Hannover.  Great expectations!  Shall probably be moved from here though just before the letters catch me up.
Am generally known as <The Professor> by this crowd.  The Camp inspector, when he first came, asked me if I were a Professor – and the name has stuck.
We can see from the window of our room on the first floor the path up the hill up which comes the two men carrying our lunch or dinner.  There is always someone watching for them, and the ever-welcome cry goes up D.O.S.L.  Dinner on Sky Line.
Won 7 marks at vingt et-un.  Swapped it for a tin of peas.
Begin to realise fully, for the first time, the literal meaning of the expression <to make ones mouth water>.