24 June 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB diary June 24, 1918: Prisoner of War, Graudenz
Monday, June 24, 1918: Waiting for parcels “until then no one feels energetic enough to do any work”

Monday June 24th.     Sent a post card to Copenhagen asking for bread.  Tired of waiting for the Berne people: 2½ months now.  Asked too, for a lb. of butter and a dozen eggs per week.  I’ve got some hopes, I expect.
Schemes are on foot for starting classes in various subjects as soon as parcels arrive.  Until then no one feels energetic enough to do any work.  We can get out for walks once every ten days.  At present few people take advantage of the privilege.  They simply have not got the energy to spare.  We’ve each been issued with a parole card, which we give up on leaving the camp.  I’m going this afternoon.  Joining the advanced French and a Spanish class if there be one.  Later; walk washed out since fifty people could not be found willing to go.  C.O. received invoice for a number of cases of grub from Copenhagen.