2 July 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB WW1 diary July 2, 1918: "struggle between hunger and discretion"
Tuesday, July 2, 1918: “struggle between hunger and discretion”

Tuesday. July 2.     Have heard that several people, on receipt of their first parcels, have made themselves ill.  One is not surprised when one reflects that many of these chaps have had for the last 3 months one continuous struggle between hunger and discretion.  It is the very easiest, and most desirable thing to eat the whole week’s bread ration in two days.  Many do so, and half starve for five days.  Personally I never overstep the exact days ration, but it’s a very miserable task this exact chopping off of the the day’s ration, and the weighing up in one’s mind 〈Can I afford to eat this spoonful of jam tonight, or should I save it for breakfast (God save the mark)〉
All the people who were with me at Hannover have had letters ere this.  There should be a camp rule prohibiting the reading of letters in public!
Recently swopped my 5/- Boots stylo together with 10 marks for a fountain pen costing 35 marks.  A good bargain, since all letters here must be written in ink.
Intend to smoke a pipe as soon as I can get any decent tobacco.  Cigars at 1/6 would break my pocket if they became a habit.