14 Aug 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB diary Wednesday August 14, 1918, Graudenz: “a dose of ‹clink›”
Wednesday, August 14, 1918: “a dose of ‹clink›”

Wednesday. August 14th.     Have it on fairly good authority that we, Duce, Gerson and I, are getting 3 days cells starting on Saturday, for being late on parade yesterday.  We have every intention of appealing, as we consider the sentence grossly unjust; but personally, I shan’t mind very much.  The one thing that you can get free and for nothing in this country is experience, and it would be a pity to leave without a dose of ‹clink› as we used to call it in the army.  Overate myself yesterday.  Feel the need of light diet today.  Had porridge for brekker; chicken marengo, spaghetti in tomato sauce, potatoes and baked rice pudding for lunch.  ’Elp!!