13 May 1918

Monday. May 13th.  French officers and orderlies were issued with their weekly issue of French biscuits (from the French Government).  I never saw any biscuit like these before the War: You simply soak one for a few moments in cold water, put it into a hot oven; or over a hot stove, and, in half an hour, it swells to twice the size, and you have a lump of practically new bread in place of the biscuit.  We bought large numbers of them from the French orderlies at ½ mark (6d) each.  I myself got about 45.
1.30 p.m.  Issue by a Committee of free Red Cross food from Switzerland.  Each officer got a little tea, condensed milk, cocoa, pressed beef, biscuits, cheese, and dripping.  Those of us who had been at Rastatt could scarcely believe our eyes.  Bought glass jars, and enamel plates.  We certainly shan’t stay here long.
2.0 p.m.  Twenty of us, all R.F.C., taken and carefully searched, with all our belongings; numbers of compasses and other useful articles confiscated.  My flying goggles were taken, which I had carefully cherished as a souvenir.
5.0 pm.  Took train for an unknown destination in Bavaria.  Our German officer was again a most courteous and considerate fellow.  He got us dinner on Monday night from a station restaurant during a long stop, roast beef, potato and lettuce salad.  Moreover we had all our Red Cross stuff, so we lived like kings.