25 July 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB diary Thursday July 18, 1918, Graudenz: "a letter from the Kid"
Thursday, July 25, 1918: “a letter from the Kid”

Thursday. July 25th.     Hurrah!  This is quite a red letter day.  Miller and I had for breakfast tea with milk and sugar in it; with bacon and eggs, thanks to Cooks Farm Eggs.  Jolly fine!  And to cap it, I got a letter from the Kid, dated June 22nd, directed to Landshut.  She started at Alton on July 8th at just twice the money I started on.  Good luck, Kid!  There was no other news in it.  All the news I’m waiting for must be wandering round the country.  Still it’s fine to know that everyone is well.