29 May 1918

Wednesday. May 29th.  Shut in our rooms all day, so stopped in bed until 11.  Got up and wrote my diary up to date.  Had toothache rather badly as I had it most of last week.  Shan’t be able to get the brute lugged out until I get to a permanent camp, probably not for two or three weeks.  οἴ μοι.  Alack a day, and woe is me!!  Finished ‘Westward Ho!’ today, a topping book.  Started on ‘Old Gorgon Graham’, following on ‘Letters of a Self Made Merchant to his son’.  Jolly good book.
4 p.m.  Toothache a bit better.  Three biscuits each bought from a neighbouring French camp; likewise 8 nobs (K-nobs) of sugar each; moreover the promise of an increased bread ration.  Verily the world seems very fair tonight.  The prophet truly said <He that goeth upon a lean stomach vieweth the world through jaundiced eyes.>  Sent a postcard off home today.  (Sent a message to G.P. on the 25th).