25 Aug 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB diary Sunday August 25, 1918, Graudenz: “clean clothes”
Sunday, August 25, 1918: “clean clothes”

Sunday August 25th;     Got a letter from Dad dated June 14, sent to Rastatt (although on June 12 he wrote to Karlsruhe).  It seems that he thought I was inebriated when writing, and put April 23 instead of May 23 – since I also mentioned I had actually met Hanna, whereas in my p.c. from Karlsruhe I am hoping to find him soon.  Excellent example of erroneous detective work, Dad.  I’m glad they didn’t send the latest parcel of clothes to Rastatt, since both letters and parcels seem to get hung up there.
Got a Red Cross issue of a pair of pyjamas, a handkerchief, a collar and a shirt!  My first clean clothes for 5 months.  I shut up my socks in a suit case at night out of respect for the other members of the room.  Think of it, same socks for five months, occasionally washed in cold water!!