21 March 1918

Thursday March 21st  Awoke about 4 am in the ‘hour before dawn’ to fancy myself back in the army.  Shells screaming over and bursting quite close.  Hellish gust up!  4.30 – Orderly officer entered with orders to arise.  4.30 A.M!!  I ask you!!  The Royal Flying Corps!!!  6 AM – Breakfast – last decent meal for some time.  7 AM Full daylight.  Couldn’t see 20 yards for mist.  Long range guns more active and bursts getting close and messing up drome.  Squadron office resembled a cullender.  Exit Major hurriedly.  Spent next couple of hours dodging ignominiously about to avoid our friend the enemy gunner.  10 AM – local unrest over.  Still impossible to fly.  12.30 A.M. Lunch off tongue and biscuits.  1 P.M. First machine up.  Spent rest of day being offensive.  Packed up in afternoon ready to move.  Stayed the night.  Slept in our flying suits.  Nearly frozen.  End of a perfect day.