20 July 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB diary Saturday July 20, 1918, Graudenz: "peace and quietness"
Saturday, July 20, 1918: “peace and quietness”

Saturday July 20th.     We take away our potatoes three or four times a week, when they are not cooked in the soups, but in their skins.  These we peel, and four of us mash ours all up together, wet them with salt water, and spread them out in a frying pan, which has been previously greased, if we can scrape up any grease from anywhere.  This we get cooked in the kitchen and have for tea, and, though the potatoes are inferior, in my present state, it tastes almost as good as Tootser’s concoctions. What wouldn’t I give now for one of Toot’s potato cakes.
This war has given some people the desire for travel, but in me and in many others it has instilled an even greater love of our homes and of peace and quietness.  Wild horses, after this war, would not drag me farther than France or Spain.