24 July 1918: POW Graudenz

RAB diary Wednesday July 24, 1918, Graudenz: "This tinopener is famous"
Wednesday, July 24, 1918: “This tinopener is famous”

Wednesday. July 24th. I think I’ve weathered the storm at last.  Another parcel for me today from Berne, containing 70 odd French biscuits.  This came direct from Hannover.  My p.c. seems to have done some good.  Have been afflicted recently with a plague only second to the plagues of Egypt: I am the proud possessor of a first class tinopener, given me by a Polish officer at Hannover.  This tinopener is famous, especially for round tins, and hundreds of people flocked to our room every day, especially after an issue of tins.  We’ve got so tired of saying ‹Yes, it’s on the top shelf of that cupboard, left hand side› that we noised it abroad that it is broken.  It is a lie, but what will you?  At least we have peace now.