20 Nov 1918: Graudenz

Wednesday. Nov 20.     Great news!  200 of us are to leave here on Saturday; us, I say, but, as a matter of fact I haven’t the pleasure of being amongst the 200.  They have chosen I believe, chiefly colonials and married men, quite justly of course.  Still it won’t be long before the rest of us are out of the place I guess.  Duce, Towne and Baer are going from this room.  I’ve asked Duce to drop a line directly he arrives to say that I am quite well and likely to be home in a week or so.  Gee willikins!

Great souvenir hunting these days.  People swapping money and superfluous grub for swords, bayonets, badges, Iron Crosses &c &c.

Learnt how to play Kriegs Spiel.  Won two games.

Certain (D.v.) of being able to get away with this diary now.

Our walks on parole have lately been curtailed, especially since the armistice, in case the people of Graudenz proved hostile.  But the reverse has been the case, especially since the Allies have arranged to ration Germany, and today we took our first walk for a long time.