28 May 1918

Tuesday.  May 28th.  Saw the Camp Inspector again.  Said he had traced Hanna to a camp in Prussia, and promised to send me there.  Took us for an hour’s walk in the grounds and public gardens on hill overlooking Landshut.  From one stand in particular we got a magnificent panorama of Landshut, and the country beyond.  It was fine to be walking out in the open again, but looking over topping scenery like this, one can’t help thinking of England, and the people at home, and feeling rather fed up.
In the evening 13 other RFC people turned up.  Since then until the moment of writing we, the other people, have been shut in our rooms lest, presumably, we get forbidden articles such as compasses from them.
Yesterday evening (May 28th) we had a small potato cake each – with jam, quite an original way of having it.  I’ll write home suggesting it.  I believe Dad would like them better that way.