27 March 1918

Wednesday March 27th: usual work.  Flew with Hanna.  Much grieved to see enemy swarming round our late drome.  Did our best to rectify the matter.  Our engine gave trouble when we were two or three miles over enemy lines.  We turned.  I pointed out V—- aerodrome and Hanna nursed engine, and landed in a good field close by.  Hanna went off to ring up Squadron (by the way; and had a jolly good lunch with Corps).  Walker flew overhead, and, by pooping off lights I carried on an intelligent conversation with him.  Met a Camel merchant.  Tired of waiting for Hanna, I made friends with passing M.G. Transport officer to the tune of beaucoup bread butter and vin rouge.  Hanna returned.  Reproached him bitterly.  Presently Pybus (directed by Walker) rolled up with two A.M.s and a tender.  Engine hopelessly seized up.  Decided to dismantle.  Left A.M.s to carry on.  Met another Camel merchant.  Stuck up his pressure pipe with mud, matches and spit.  Great combination and it worked.  He landed at our drome with a message for the CO.  Went back to the tender: passed a Go pdr. battery in full.  blast (my nerves! too near the line for me).  Passed through A—- on way back.  Called in Charleys bar! Deserted!  Got back to Squadron.  Jolly good dinner.  Pybus reviled by CO.  Machine burnt.