23 June 1918: POW Graudenz

Lt R.A. Burnard diary: WW1 Graudenz / Sunday, June 23, 1918
Sunday, June 23, 1918: Caraway seeds…

Sunday. June 23rd.     Got a microscopic issue of jolly good margarine, cheese and jam.  The cheese was a sort of cream cheese, but contained numbers of caraway seeds; which reminds me that almost all the soups and stews at Landshut contained more or less caraway.  The better civilian bread contains it too.
I noticed on the journey on Friday that even in big country houses, the bedding and mattresses are hung out of the top windows to air in the morning sun.
Very disappointed at not finding Hanna here.  Sent a postcard to Geneva asking that a wire should be sent home giving my change of address.