12 Nov 1918: Graudenz

Tuesday. Nov 12.     General Bellingham posted this morning a notice stating definitely that the armistice terms have been signed and that the authorities have promised that we shall be repatriated immediately transport is available.  Subsequently, at the R.F.C. dinner this evening he informed us that he had met the local representatives of the ‘soldiers and workers’ unions, who gave him greeting from the new government.  They said that, while the government was still trying to confirm its stability, our guards would not be removed, but would remain, more as a protection to ourselves than for their original purpose.  There was always the possibility of some madcap stirring up the mob to raid us, 600 defenceless officers, the cause of their misery.  The General replied that he quite appreciated their point of view.  They asked that no one should escape as they were responsible that the correct number of British officers were handed over.  The General concluded by assuring them that we had fought against Prussian Militarism, and that, this being dead we were ready and eager to hold out the hand of friendship to the free German People.

The RAF dinner was quite a success.  Various complimentary toasts &c.  Divers people besotted.  Got my menu-card signed by practically everyone there.  It will make a very decent pair to the Flight one of last Xmas.

Hurrah for this Xmas!!